Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Spring Term (Post Collegiate Depression Part 3)

I came back from Utah in good spirit. It was my final term of college and I was ready to enjoy myself. The only problem was that I'd planned on already being graduated, and having a source of income. So I had to get a job. And i did, as a waiter at a horrible little restaurant called The headwaters or some such nonsense.

I began the term by taking 12 credits. All fun classes. I had three english classes, a ballroom dancing class, a colloquiom on the philosophy of time, and a poetry class.

I spent most of my free time over at Stever and Marjie's place drinking and smoking to my hearts content. When I wasn't there I was often at home reading and smoking weed and playing video games. There was also an awful lot of poker being played. I actually did pretty well as far as the poker was concerned, most likely because I was playing with the same people every night and it became very easy to read just what they were going to do. I still lost at times, but I won enough that whenever I wanted to play that there was someone around who owed me a buy-in.

So after i began working, it was around the third or fourth week of the term, my boss began working me a lot. I kept telling him that I was here for school and that this was just to get me spending money, but he just kept working me more and more. I would tell him in the morning that I would have to be off by 10 in order to make it to my eleven o' clock class. And then he would let the three hot girls go home and leave me alone serving the entire restaurant. After about two weeks of this I was down to seven credits (I only needed three to graduate). Yet even after I gave part of my school time away I refused to give away my friend time. At this point I knew that something had to give. I refused to drop any more classes, I enjoyed them entirely too much, and it was my last term at college so I wasn't going to give up my friends. So one I night I called and sad that I wasn't going to be in in the morning or ever again.

So I had four more weeks to kill and all sorts of free time. I spent a lot of it at the computer lab playing online poker and writing the beginning of what would become my novel. I also talked to my parents and assured them that even though I was graduating that I didn't want to walk (for reasons of cost, but also because I'm saving that for when I get my masters degree). I had the time that I needed so that I read like a madman. Things for my classes, things for fun. I had time to go on roadtrips with Dennis down to Eugene to visit Jeremiah.

I knew that the summer was coming soon, and I've haven't had a summer in recent memory, or maybe ever, that wasn't so filled with events that I was just left completely exhausted and burnt out by the end. SO I enjoyed my leisure and passed all of my classes. I said my goodbyes to everybody and I headed back home. My brother was there, he had moved home from Utah (made it so that Utah was no longer my plan). I would work at Kahneeta, but then, that's the beginning of another story.


At 11:07 AM, Blogger Miss Marjie said...

hehe did it take 84 days to write part 3? ;)

miss ya


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