Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spring Break - My Possible Future (Post-Collegiate Depression Part 2)

So I went to work at Kah-Nee-Ta for one day. I put in a sixteen hour day so that it would pay for a pretty good chunk of my trip. (My mom had convinced me to go to Utah instead of Mexico by saying that she would pay for half of the plane ticket, plus all of my friends bailed on the Mexico trip yet again.)

Marie Kay was upset because I was not going to be working at all during the next week (I was working on the Saturday that Spring Break started and was leaving on Sunday). "You're killing me Kellan," she would constantly say. Throughout our whole time working together I let her think that she had some sort of control over what I was doing. She was very upset when I shattered that assumption and let her know that all along I was doing what she wanted because it aligned with my goals. The second her wishes conflicted with my goals, well, obviously I don't work there anymore. That was the last day that I ever worked for her, even though I went back to work at Kah-Nee-Ta, but more on that later.

So after my one day of work, I was pretty annoyed because I really wasn't needed that day. It made it easier for everyone else, but it was nowhere near as busy as Marie Kay had made it sound like it would be. So I went out partying that night with my friends because it was the only night I could hang out with them during Spring Break. In the morning my Dad took me to Government Camp and passed me off to my sister. She then took me to the airport and I was on my way to Utah.

On the plane I read "The Natural" by Bernard Malamud. Let me tell you that this book is amazing. If you've ever seen the movie, well, I can't even tell you how angry watching the movie made me. Totally different ending. I mean, I understand that some things need to change because it is a different art form. But changing the ending changes the essence of the story. Anyway, just the fact that I got to read "The Natural", plus sitting next to a hottie on the charter from Portland to Seattle, made it so I love flying. Yeah for planes.

My brother picked me up at the Las Vegas airport with our buddy Mikey. Mikey had a cast on, "Let me tell you that you DO want to rent the wrist brace for snowboarding." It made for good jokes all week, especially when people would accidentally use his scratching fork. Gross, but funny.

One of my purposes for coming to visit was to see whether or not I wanted to move to Cedar City upon graduating. Let me tell you my first impression of my brother's place was the first sign that I wanted the answer to be yes. You see, as I arrived there were people drinking. "Kellan," yelled the ones who had met me before. "You have arrived at the perfect time my friend. For you see, we have just bought a case of Everclear. We proceeded to drink the night away, while my brother sat in his room and played video games. But that is best left for an entirely seperate blog that I'll probably never write.

I had an amazing week. I hung out with all the guys and there were hot girls aplenty. One was even hitting on me a whole bunch, but I was a little wierded out by the fact that she'd dated my brother. I'd probably be a lot more successful with women if I didn't let that type of stuff get to me, but the girls down there really just saw me as a drinking version of my brother. You know, just way more social and willing to do things. Plus it was a lot of fun to be hanging out with my peeps, a whole slew of jack-mormons. It was amazing how easily I fit in, or maybe not so amazing, I'm not really sure.

There was snowboarding, going out to the bar, watching movies. This was my introduction to "Boondock Saints" as well as "Firefly". Shooting beer bottles in the back yard with an air rifle and attending parties. Going to the tattoo shop - I think I remember Mikey getting something pierced, I'm assuming an ear. I love that crazy guy.

And when it was time to go home I had decided that I would be moving to Cedar City from Corvallis. What changed? Tune in next time as I finish college and head further down the path of instability.